In this digital age where almost all transactions are conducted online, you’ll be surprised to find that the UK still produces more than 20 million tonnes of paper waste every year, with the business community contributing to over 85% of all paper waste produced.

Bank Statements and Employee Payslips are just a few of the many different documents that contain confidential information – in fact almost all documents produced in the work place contain some sort of confidential data. You’ll be surprised to learn that on a daily basis in almost every business, confidential material is still printed by virtually every member of staff. The reality is that most documents today contain confidential information that could pose a potential security risk if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

This scenario has created a problem for modern businesses. The potential costs of security breaches can run into millions of pounds which can lead to poor credit ratings, disgruntled suppliers and moreover, a loss of trust amongst customers and peers. With an increase in identity theft and a marked increase in fraudulent activity involving stolen company information, protecting your company’s data has never been more important.

Compliance legislation in the UK is constantly being updated with the objective of protecting consumers and businesses from fraud. Despite this, time and time again, fraud still happens and it is businesses who pay the price.

The only secure and approved way to protect yourself against such adversity is prevention through an approved secure document destruction method. Shred-on-Site provide a secure and mobile document destruction and paper shredding process that is delivered through our network of compliant mobile shredding vehicles.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that your documents, paper waste and media such as hard disks and hard drives are securely destroyed. Our efficient process is not only guaranteed, but is also environmentally friendly, ensuring that almost all waste is re-purposed or recycled through our network. Find out more about our Paper Shredding Process.