Secure document destruction is a vital component to any Privacy Policy – what’s more it is a legal requirement for FSA regulated firms. All financial records must be securely shredded. Institutions including banks, building societies and insurance providers have a duty of care to protect the privacy of their clients' confidential data. 

Safeguarding against the misuse of corporate documentation can only be achieved by securely shredding your paper waste on-site. Every business produces waste, however in the financial industry a wide variety of paper waste is created. Surprisingly, sensitive financial documents such as bank statements, loan agreements, financial analysis and even credit card information can end up in the bin. This leaves consumers open to identity theft which is not only embarrassing for the company but against the law. The cost to the business can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds – all of which can be averted by a simple Document Shredding policy.

Shredding Financial Records

Shred-on-Site gave our company the peace of mind we needed through their convenient, discreet and secure shredding solution. Every week our bins are emptied and confidential waste is taken to the mobile shredder to be disposed of. It’s not just efficient; it’s a vital process to protect our client’s data.
Financial data must be managed with the tightest security protocols in order to avoid costly data breaches and protect the firm’s brand reputation. With enterprise technology at hand, Shred-on-Site provides a fast, convenient and guaranteed method mitigating against the risks of identity theft and fraud. 
Paper shredding on-site is by far the safest way to dispose of your company’s confidential waste. We provide an FSA approved method of document destruction that guarantees your waste will be shredded. We even provide a Certificate of Destruction that conforms to ISO9001 regulations to guarantee the secure destruction of your confidential papers. 
Shred-on-Site provides our clients with a range of shredding receptacles that come in a variety of colours, sizes and designs. We have a receptacle for every type of office – even discreet lockable wooden containers that will keep your confidential documentation secured. Our vetted field operatives arrive at an agreed time to collect your waste paper from the receptacle or approved location. The waste is then taken to our mobile shredding vehicles under lock and key where it is shredded into small confetti-sized pieces.