Medical records are at the heart of the National Health Service and patient confidentiality is critical to ensure trust is maintained between patients and staff. Medical records shredding is therefore a vital component in any NHS or GP Privacy Policy. In fact, it’s a legal requirement for all confidential information of this nature to be securely shredded.

Shred-on-Site has developed a fast, secure and confidential solution for the medical profession. We cater for doctors’ surgeries, private clinics, National Health Service institutions and NHS bodies as well as hospitals and Local Health Authorities across London and the South East of England. Even pharmacies can benefit from our paper shedding service. Our solution is also delivered nationwide through our network of Shredding Centres.
Shred-on-Site provides an outstanding service to our group of Doctors’ Surgeries. They dispose of all of our waste each week and give us a certificate to guarantee the papers have been shredded. It gives us the peace of mind but more importantly, it protects our patients.

Medical Record Shredding

Medical records shredding is always conducted at the customers’ site. We provide secure receptacles that can conveniently and discreetly be placed in your office. We have all manner of different shapes, sizes and colours to match your office environment. At an appointed time, our vetted operative will visit your organisation’s site to empty your containers. This is done within the confines of our mobile shredding vehicles, which are designed to shred your confidential waste on-site – this way no paper can escape. Your medical records are shredded into tiny pieces the size of confetti and then recycled, so it’s great for the environment too. 
Almost every healthcare professional has access to confidential medical records belonging to patients. Much of this data is held in paper files as well as in computer systems. Whilst doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and administration staff will be required to conform to strict protocols in the management of these files, there comes a time when the files must be destroyed. Shredding isn’t just good practice – it’s the law and an essential component to any Privacy Policy.
As the Health Service undergoes major budget cuts, managing the secure destruction of medical records and paper waste can seem like a daunting task. At Shed-on-Site we help to make this overwhelming task simple, fast and efficient. Maintaining patient confidentiality has now become manageable through our convenient service.

What about Medical Identity Theft?

Over the last 5 years there has been a marked increase in the number of people using fake identification to secure prescription drugs on the black market or even through registered pharmacies. Health insurance misuse coupled with medical identity theft is on the increase here in the UK and can have disastrous consequences both for patients and medical staff. 
The only guaranteed way to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained is to ensure that all medical records are securely shredded on-site. 

Shred-on-Site’s Medical Record Shredding Solution can help to:

  1. Safeguard patient confidentiality
  2. Protect healthcare practitioners against non-compliance
  3. Reduce space for out of date patient records
  4. Improve patient care
  5. Prevent identity theft
  6. Protect against security breaches