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3 reasons to recycle your paper waste after shredding

Most of us have heard about the benefits of recycling before, but this can seem a big task for companies getting through a large volume of paper waste over time. It can be time consuming to first shred and then recycle so much paper, therefore wasting resources in-house, but with data protection regulations and growing environmental awareness, it’s important to make sure that you’re recycling your paper waste after shredding. Here are just 3 reasons why:

#1 Because customers expect it

Customers are now putting more pressure than ever on the companies that they buy from to take an environmentally-friendly approach to the way they do business. We’ve seen this for example in the expectation to use recyclable packaging, and cutting down on excess packaging too.

One area that this responsibility to the environment is expected is through recycling, which doesn’t need to be difficult to do. It’s every company’s corporate social responsibility to do that they can to reduce the amount of waste that they produce each year, and recycling all paper waste could have a huge overall impact on reducing the amount of waste you produce.

#2 To reduce energy consumption

Recycling just one tonne of paper saves by 4,100Kwh of energy, and stops 60 pounds of air pollutants being released into the air as fossil fuels are burned and through decomposition in landfill. It also saves 7,000 gallons of water, not to mention that it also reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. Your paper waste, once recycled, can be made into new recycled products, which requires around 60% of the energy that it would take to make these products from new materials.

#3 It’s good for your company ethos

A recycling policy can do a lot within your business, and it gives you a way internally for your staff to practically demonstrate their dedication to a greener business. Recycling is a key part of any business’ ethos and management, to ensure that waste is reduced and encourage personal responsibility for all staff to take an interest in their environmental footprint. It can even save your business money over time, and helps you to demonstrate your dedication to the environment to your customers.

Recycling business waste made easy

Recycling doesn’t need to be a burden to your company, which is why Shred-on-Site offers a range of storage facilities and collection options, to collect each of our clients’ paper waste when required. This means that businesses can combined their security policy and environmental ethos, as Shred-on-Site first shred the paper waste on-site until it is unrecoverable, and then take it to a recycling plant to be made into something new.

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