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3 benefits of on-site shredding for your business

Have you ever thought about getting in a professional shredding company to handle your shredding needs. Whether it’s disks, folders or just stacks of paper, you will want to make sure that you get your confidential material shredded in accordance with UK legislation, which states that you have a legal duty to destroy all secure documents.

Why you should use on-site shredding services

Handing over the responsibility of your shredding to a certified company, shredding it on-site where you can witness it, will bring you peace of mind. You can be confident that your shredding is taken care of sufficiently, letting you get on with your job, as we get on with ours. The pros of on-site shredding can be summed up in the 3 following benefits:

#1 Convenience

Using a shredding company will give you the chance to choose when they come to shred your documents. This can be on a regular weekly or monthly basis, or as a one-off service. You only need to have your documents ready to be shredded. Shred-on-Site also provides storage for your documents in between shredding days, including lockable veneered consoles or secure wheelie bins and sacks. This means that storage is sorted and your documents don’t leave the site until they have been fully shredded.

#2 Time-saving

Having your secure documents shredded on-site gives you the benefit of saving time. The shredding of documents is a fast process, which you are able to watch yourself. It saves you the time and effort of manually loading documents into your shredder (no doubt with breaks to let it cool down) day-by-day and destroying it all in one go instead. Where you have a significant amount of secure waste, this will make a significant time difference. It will also allow you to spend the time you save focusing on your business instead of document disposal.

#3 Security

Shredding your documents on-site will dramatically increase your security. By keeping them always on premises, then you reduce the risk of them not being kept confidential. You can be assured that the shredding place is sufficient, and done by qualified professionals. There is also the added security of being provided with secure receptacles to store paper before disposal, which mean that there is no access once documents are inside.

Why choose on-site shredding services?

If you are a small or large business, then choosing shredding services from professionals is a worthwhile investment in order to maintain your privacy for both the benefit of your company and customer data, as well as compliance with UK legal requirements.

The benefits of on-site shredding are not only convenience and saving time but increased security means also that your documents are shredded in front of you, without even leaving your workplace. Shred-on-site knows the importance of guaranteed shredding services, so we present you with a certificate following the shredding process.

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