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Choosing a Shredding Service for your UK business

When running a business in the UK it is important to consider the potential of security breaches to your data and how to reduce it. One such method is paper shredding, which disposes of your confidential documents using either mobile (on-site) or off-site industrial shredders, before sending the material to be recycled. However, there are some things to consider when choosing a shredding service for your business:

Time of collection

Because different businesses accumulate amounts of waste paper at different speeds, shredding services must be flexible to suit these needs. You may find that the current way you are paying for your shredding is not cost-effective, nor is it suitable for the amount of paper you collect in a certain period of time. Shred-on-site understands this, which is why we organise with you a set day to collect your waste, as a one-off or regular collection, to best fit your requirements.

Storing your documents before shredding

Large amounts of paper accumulating in your office space look messy and are impractical. They can be a potential fire hazard, and take up space unnecessarily – which is why Shred-on-Site provides various paper receptacles for your documents, from lockable veneered consoles to secure wheelie bins.

Which process is best?

Although off-site shredding can collect your paper and shred it elsewhere, there are significant security benefits which are provided only by on-site services. Besides convenience, on-site shredding gives you the assurance that your paper has been shredding securely and sufficiently, with you able to watch if you wish to.

Where does the paper go?

Once your paper is shredded, you have the option of choosing whether it is recycled. Because it has been shredded thoroughly, it is secure to recycle it, giving your business the ability to be eco-friendly.

Certainty of the process

When selecting a shredding service for your business, Shred-on-Site knows that it is vital for you to be certain that your documents are being shredded correctly, and to standard. On-site shredding allows you to see first-hand that your documents are being destroyed, where this cannot be guaranteed by off-site shredding which remains un-shredded during the transportation process. Mobile shredding offers you the chance to observe the whole process, validating and verifying the destruction of your secure documents.

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