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Are You Considering In-House Paper Shredding For Your Business?

Even the most efficient businesses, and those that are most dedicated to the paperless office, will end up with some waste paper. Even if you never print a page, your clients and suppliers may insist on sending paper documents, while banks, accountants, and other businesses may also send data and information to you in a paper format.
It is possible to buy a shredder, employ somebody to perform regular shredding, and then dispose of the shredded paper yourself. However, the costs of this can be surprisingly high, and in-house shredding is not usually the most convenient option.

The Shredder Itself

You will need to buy a shredder. While there are many handheld and small shredders that are available for home use, these are not suitable for business use. They typically only cut down the paper, and a roll of sellotape and patience is all that is required in order to reconstruct the documents.
Cross hatch shredding is the most secure method, because it cuts down and across the paper, leaving tiny little squares of waste paper that cannot be reconstructed. Unfortunately, this type of shredder is a lot more expensive than the home shredder, and you will have to pay the costs of purchasing one.

Shredder Maintenance And Repair

Once you own a shredder, you will need to pay for its upkeep, maintenance, and repair. If you are an infrequent shredder this can cause problems with some models, and if you attempt to shred too much paper in one go, this can also damage your shredding machinery.
Maintenance and repair bills will crop up every year, and this is a cost that you must take into account when you are considering whether to conduct shredding yourself or outsource the work to a professional company.

Who Will Do The Shredding?

It is not just the shredder itself that you need to consider, because you will need somebody to physically collect the paper from around the office and then place it into the shredder. They also need to remove the paper and dispose of it properly – you may still have to pay for a collection company to pick the paper up.
If you use an existing member of the team to conduct your shredding, this means that they will be taken away from their regular work. Employing somebody to deal solely with shredding, however, means finding somebody that is looking only for a few hours’ work a week. Furthermore, you have to pay their salary, cover their holidays, and pay the necessary overheads.

Staff Turnover

Shredding is a mundane and repetitive task, and turnover for employees that typically conduct this type of repetitive work tends to be very high. This means that you will regularly be looking for somebody to replace your admin staff.
Recruitment costs add up, and when the person that deals with your shredding leaves, you still need to ensure that your document are properly shredded. This means doing it yourself, using somebody else from within your organisation, or paying for a shredding company to come out and collect.

Using A Paper Shredding Company 

A paper shredding company has the most effective shredding machinery available, and they will have to worry about its maintenance and upkeep so you don’t have to.
You can arrange regular collections, or call on an ad-hoc basis as and when required. You will find that mobile shredding is the most secure and most convenient option, because a shredding van will arrive at your premises, take your old paperwork out to the van, and shred it at the side of the road. You can even watch in order to be confident that the process is completed properly.

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