Guidelines for shredding different types of media

Despite the move towards paperless working, there are still a majority of businesses that have not gone completely paperless. This is down to a number of factors including security concerns, compliance with regulations and the need to verify things with a physical signature. So paper is still something that many businesses are dealing with, but what about those elements which have gone digital and are not using paper? It’s just as important to ensure that data from these is disposed of securely.

What are the expectations?

There are legal implications if businesses are not able to dispose of data securely, whatever form it is in. This can lead to significant financial and reputational damage as well as trust issues surrounding your brand. Customer relationships can become strained if trust is lost, and customers will quite rightfully expect you to keep their information private and confidential when they purchase products and services from you.

Protecting your customers

The UK’s Data Protection Act requires businesses to adhere to specific regulations including sufficient protection of data during acquisition, storage and destruction. Destruction must be carried out to sufficiently destroy the data so that it is unrecoverable. On-site shredding is the best possible way to do this for paper, but what about other forms of media?

Media destruction services

Shred-on-Site recognise that media destruction is also vital for optimum data security. Non-paper forms of media include things like hard drives, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, and even things like X-Rays – all of which hold sensitive information that must not be compromised by third parties.

Complete media destruction can take place non-physically, for example binary wiping and degassing. Sometimes physical destruction is necessary though, and shredding is the most effective of these as it makes the data completely unrecoverable after the process is complete.

Guaranteed media shredding

Shred-on-Site are experienced in media shredding for various media types, and can cater to a wide range of requirements. They also offer a guarantee of secure destruction in the form of a certificate which means you can rest assured that data has been destroyed to a high level and cannot be retrieved or reconstructed.

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