Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

In these times of great uncertainty and different ways of working Shred-on-Site can offer a bespoke service to homeworkers that will cater for specific confidential shredding requirements. Being regarded as an essential service we have continued to work throughout this pandemic and all of our drivers are well versed in operating within the Government guidelines of social distancing, continual cleansing and the wearing of PPE.
All we will require is your post code, an approximate volume of the material, be it paper or media, that needs shredding and we can let you know costs and availability.
Should you require any further information please contact us.

How can shredding help you to fulfil your corporate social responsibility?

Businesses are more often being held accountable by their customers to demonstrate strong ethical values and environmentally beneficial processes. This is why many businesses have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirement which is implemented in-house to ensure that they are following the company’s ethos and expectations at all times.

Recycling as a key part of CSR

Recycling is a key part of any CSR as it addresses the amount of wasted paper documentation that companies dispose of each year. On average, individual office workers use 10,000 sheets of paper per year, and with 6,800 of these considered as “waste” due to failed printing, unnecessary printing, duplicates and documents being forgotten.

This shows a huge need to dispose of this paper responsibility to protect the environment and take responsibility as a company. Recycling is the best way to ensure that this waste paper is reused again and is not completely wasted, and this is something that can be done within your shredding policy.

Responsibility to customers’ security

Businesses also have a responsibility to ensure that their customers’ data remains secure at all times and this is a legal requirement that can see legal and financial issues arising if it is not adhered to. At the same time it creates a culture of trust with the customer. Security, alongside environmental requirements contribute to your business having a good reputation and increasing customer confidence.

Practically demonstrating your CSR through shredding

Shredding is a fantastic way to dispose of your unnecessary documents in both a secure and green way. If you opt for on-site shredding, which Shred-on-Site offers, this provides the highest levels of security since it allows shredding to take place before any documentation is removed from the premises.

The removes any risk of it being intercepted or lost before disposal, and what’s more is that Shred-on-Site then takes all of our customers’ paper waste to be recycled. It also means that companies can rest assured that they are meeting the highest requirements for their green policy and fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities to the best possible standards.

Implementing security and shredding within your CSR

If you’re looking at updating your CSR and are interesting in seeing whether Shred-on-Site could help you to meet your security and environmental requirements, give our team a call today on 0800 181 4106.

Author: Mark Coombes, Follow me on Google+

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