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Go green and save the planet with on-site paper shredding

A growing number of businesses are beginning to go green after customers are beginning to expect them to take responsibility for saving the planet. Many companies are at least starting to consider more seriously the environmental impact that they are having on the Earth and how this can be reduced. Since over 12.5 million tonnes of paper is used annually within the UK alone, and less than 70% is recycled, it’s important for each of us to do what we can to reduce paper waste. An easy way for businesses to do this is to implement a paper shredding policy.

Paper shredding helps sustainable business

On-site paper shredding can be carried out regularly or as a one-off depending on requirements, and it is a key element for building sustainability within your business. Reputable shredding engineers from Shred-on-Site will not only shred your confidential paper waste, but they will take it away to recycle for you.

Contributing to your company ethos

Having a shredding policy means that you can have peace of mind about your waste, and that it is being disposed of responsibly. It will encourage all staff members to follow your ethos and contribute to an increasingly sustainable policy.

Additional security benefits

Shred-on-Site makes it easy for you to go green as they even provide receptacles to store your unwanted confidential data until collection. These are perfectly designed to maximise your use of space by having a flat surface on top to store things on, as well as the lockable design adding security to keep your data storage fully compliant.

To get a quote for your shredding requirements, get in touch via the website or give Shred-on-Site a call on 0800 181 4106 to speak to one of our team directly.

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