On-site vs Off-site Shredding - the pros and cons

Many people always ask me why they should shred their paper waste on-site in preference to having a company taking it away to dispose of it off-site. The answer is quite simple. The main reason for shredding on-site is for the security of your confidential documents.

Security and compliance

For many companies that are regulated and for those who process personal data, shredding is a necessity. To guarantee that confidential waste does not land in the hands of competitors, fraudsters or criminals, documents must be securely destroyed and recycled. Every aspect of the recycling journey must be taken into consideration. The receptacles that store the confidential paper, through to the personnel that handle the confidential waste; each step must be carefully planned to mitigate against risk.

The on-site shredding process

With off-site shredding, the documents are taken away to a facility to be processed. In this circumstance there is more exposure to the risk of a breach. When paper waste is shredded on the site, an approved contractor can securely shred the waste and provide a proof of destruction certificate. In the case of a Shred on site operative, all of the confidential materials are collected from the secure receptacles and then taken directly to our private shredding vehicle where the paper is immediately shredded. The tiny particles of paper are then removed offsite and bailed into large stacks ready to be sent for recycling.

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