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In these times of great uncertainty and different ways of working Shred-on-Site can offer a bespoke service to homeworkers that will cater for specific confidential shredding requirements. Being regarded as an essential service we have continued to work throughout this pandemic and all of our drivers are well versed in operating within the Government guidelines of social distancing, continual cleansing and the wearing of PPE.
All we will require is your post code, an approximate volume of the material, be it paper or media, that needs shredding and we can let you know costs and availability.
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Why businesses should not shred documents in-house

Over the past few years, secure and effective document disposal has gone from being a “nice to have” to critical to business survival. It’s now a legal requirement to ensure that data rich documents are properly and securely disposed of and this has given rise to a move away from handling processes such as shredding in-house. If you have yet to make the leap to a shredding partner there are some very good reasons why now is exactly the right time to do so.

  • Shredding in-house is a waste of resources.
    From preparing documents for shredding (removing staples etc), to the process itself shredding in-house is time consuming, especially if it’s being handled by employees without expertise. Not only does this eat into valuable employee resources that may be better used elsewhere but it also means that the burden of buying and maintaining the necessary equipment rests entirely with the business.
  • On-site equipment can have health risks and create a poor working environment.
    From the noise to paper dust particles that are released as documents are destroyed, your office environment is no place to manage the shredding process.
  • You may be putting data at risk.
    Those who are shredding the documents have access to all the data they contain. There are no guarantees that they will not misplace or misuse that information – or that the destruction policies you have put in place are being strictly adhered to.
  • The process of destruction doesn’t end with shredding.
    Secure recycling or disposal of shredded documents is essential but this often doesn’t happen in-house, leaving a business vulnerable to anyone going through the recycling or document bins.
  • Slow or poor document disposal takes up essential office space.
    For any business today space is at a premium and old documents and media that are no longer required are not an effective way to use this space. When documents are shredded off site they are removed at the earliest possible opportunity, freeing up space and helping to avoid the health and safety issues that a build up of paper can represent.
  • Legal obligations require demonstrable compliance.
    It’s often difficult to prove that you’ve taken all possible steps to secure and protect data when the process is being handled in-house. Working with a shredding partner demonstrates commitment and effort in meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • The in-house paper trail can be lost.
    While documents may easily go missing during the process of in-house shredding, working with a professional shredding partner ensures provable chain of custody that is trackable and auditable should your business ever need to show how data destruction has been handled.
  • In-house shredding is rarely eco friendly.
    Often, shredded material simply ends up in the bin and – eventually – goes to landfill. Outsourcing shredding enables any business to improve eco credentials by working with a shredding professional with local recycling links.

These are just some of the reasons why in-house shredding is simply no longer appropriate as a form of reliable document destruction for most businesses.

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