How can shredding help the environment?

Shredding has become an operational essential for any business focused on compliance and data protection. It not only ensures against data theft but also provides proof of procedures that have been implemented to demonstrate compliance with the law. However, that’s not where the benefits of secure shredding end, as this vital process also has a lot to contribute to environmental protection too.

6 ways using shredding in your business helps the environment

1. Minimising what your business sends to landfill.

Whether it is paper, plastics or metal, if you’re shredding your business waste rather than simply throwing it out then you’re ensuring it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Our landfill sites are big polluters and it can take centuries for something like plastic to degrade. Shredding, reusing, and recycling are a far better approach.

2. Shredded paper is recycled.

Once documents have been completely destroyed, the tiny particles that result from the secure shredding process can be easily recycled into other products. If you want to ensure that your waste paper is contributing in this way then make sure you pick a shredding partner that sends all shredding waste to a recycling plant.

3. Creating options for reuse.

The shredding process means deconstructing items and removing all the component parts, which can then be reused elsewhere, for example as recycled paper. This is a much more efficient way to deal with waste than to simply throw it out.

4. Recycling electronic products.

The shredding process is probably best known for something like paper but this isn’t the only material that can be shredded. You can also send old electronic items to be shredded. This has a lot of advantages when it comes to data protection but also with respect to the environment too. Before the elements of electronics that can be shredded go through the process, metals etc are removed and sent on elsewhere to be reused.

5. Using shredding for old uniforms.

You can also send old uniforms to be shredded, rather than contributing to more of a landfill burden. When fabrics go through the shredding process they can then be repurposed, for example to create the filling for soft furnishings or car parts. Polyester is often a key component in many uniforms - this is actually a type of plastic that won’t biodegrade so shredding and reuse is a great way to help the environment rather than adding to landfill.

6. Work with a mobile shredding partner.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint then you can help to minimise this by choosing a mobile shredding partner that will bring this service directly to you. Mobile shredding unit routes are carefully planned to be as environmentally friendly as possible and can make more stops during the day as paper etc is shredded in the vehicle itself and doesn’t have to be driven back to a shredding plant first.

Shredding is a great option for any business focused on finding opportunities to make changes that better support the environment and help create a greener future for us all.

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