Keeping information safe when using a hybrid work model

Ever since the start of the pandemic, remote working has become the norm for many businesses. Today, while there has been a return to the workplace at least part-time for many organisations, the hybrid working model is becoming much more widespread. This presents plenty of different challenges, not least when it comes to ensuring that information is kept safe in the course of day-to-day operations.

How can you keep business information safe using hybrid working practices?

Remind staff to take extra care on the commute.

This means securing devices before leaving the house and ensuring that nothing is left behind on public transport, whether that’s printed documents or a memory stick. 

Security in the office is important.

We generally trust the people we work with but it only takes one stranger to take advantage of confidential data left laying around for the business to be exposed. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that there are well-established practices in place to protect data and documents in the office so that everything has a proper home.

A clear desk policy will help.

If you introduce a clear desk policy for those hours in the office you’ll ensure that no documents at all are left on surfaces and that everything has a specific and secure home. Make sure that includes notes on pads of paper and post-its that might be stuck to computer screens.

Invest in cybersecurity education for everyone.

Your workforce can either be your biggest vulnerability or your biggest strength when it comes to cyber security. Providing training and education for your staff can help to ensure that they are able to spot the signs of a potential attack and avoid clicking on suspicious links or opening attachments that could be problematic. It will also be vital for ensuring that they are able to sustain healthy digital habits, such as using strong passwords and changing them regularly.

Set standards for staff to stick to whilst Working From Home.

Because home is a more relaxed working environment, many people might assume that information security doesn’t have to be such a priority. However, that’s not the case and it’s vital to ensure that your business has protective policies in place for the remote working element of your hybrid working model. It should be clear that a clean desk policy and disposing securely of sensitive documents is just as important at home as in the office.

Introduce a comprehensive shredding policy.

Secure Shredding is the only guaranteed way to ensure that data that could potentially be compromising for the business is being securely disposed of. 40% of data breaches are the result of employee negligence - your business can protect against this by introducing a comprehensive shredding policy that covers all unwanted documents and doesn’t leave it up to individual employees to decide what needs to be shredded.

These are some of the simplest ways to keep information safe if your business is using a hybrid working model.

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