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The Benefits of using a Shredding partner to dispose of your hard drive

Computers and digital devices have become part of life for businesses across all sectors, generating a huge increase in the volume of digital data created every day. In any office environment, there will be multiple hard drives and each one potentially contains a large amount of sensitive or confidential data that could be problematic if compromised. Working with a shredding partner to dispose of your hard drive is one of the only ways to ensure that the data on these devices is fully destroyed and your business is kept secure.

Protecting digital data at work

Hard drives are often forgotten in the quest for increased digital security but represent a very real threat to any business if they fall into the wrong hands. Most are filled with information that could be compromising, from sensitive data about clients or customers to information about employees and the business itself. As an organisation seeks to keep up with the changing pace of technology by upgrading and replacing hardware this can create challenges when it comes to disposing of unwanted tech. Hard drives that are no longer in use are still full of data and cannot simply be thrown out. Opting for specialist hard drive shredding destruction by a shredding partner provides:

  • The peace of mind of knowing that all data on unwanted hard drives have been completely destroyed. Even damaged hard drives can still yield data for those who know where to look but not when the hard drive has gone through the shredding process.
  • A way to ensure compliance requirements for data protection are being met. Avoid fines and the potential for reputational damage thanks to a shredding partner with established processes for destroying this type of hardware in a professional and compliant way.
  • Options when it comes to freeing up space in the office currently occupied by boxes of old drives - use this space for other things and reduce the health and safety hazard of piled up boxes.
  • A simple but effective way to make sure that data cannot be retrieved from a hard drive by destroying the drive itself. Working with a shredding partner means that you get complete protection when it comes to old hardware and the responsibility for ensuring destruction is taken off your plate.
  • A paper trail of destruction so that - if necessary - you can prove that the hard drive has been destroyed and will have full traceability over the hardware.
  • A secure process from end to end. Your old hard drives will be protected as soon as they leave your possession until they have been destroyed and are no longer a threat.
  • A way to simplify one element of your office processes and introduce an extra degree of efficiency when it comes to this area of data protection and security.

Hard drives are often forgotten once they are no longer in use but can represent a real and unacceptable level of threat if they are not properly handled. Working with a shredding partner to dispose of your hard drives ensures that destruction is managed in a professional and compliant way.

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