The Environmental Benefits of Regular Paper Shredding with Shred-on-Site

Green values and objectives are, quite rightly, at the top of the agenda today. However, for many organisations, the reality of implementing change that is going to make a genuine impact can be tricky. When it comes to paper shredding there is one simple way to do this - opt for regular shredding with Shred-on-Site. Not only does this help with efficiency and compliance, but there are a range of great environmental benefits too.

Reducing the volume of waste that gets sent to landfill

One of the biggest environmental problems is the way that we fill up landfill sites and the huge issues this can create in terms of pollution. A landfill is the third largest source of human-related methane, emissions for example. Overused landfill sites can be a nightmare in terms of the gasses that they generate and the damage that they can do to the surrounding area. When you opt for paper shredding with shred-on-site, your paper ends up, not in a landfill, but being recycled. One ton of recycled paper frees up a whole 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. So, the more paper is shredded, the more ends up being recycled and the less landfill sites get filled up.

Reducing energy usage

Humans have a continuous desire for new products, and the amount of energy that is required to produce them can be huge. However, where more products are being made from recycled materials, there is a real chance to minimise energy usage. It takes a lot less energy to make recycled products than it does to produce something brand new. Take paper, for example. If you make paper from recycled materials (like the documents that have been disposed of by Shred-on-Site - as opposed to brand new materials - then you can actually save enough energy to power the average home for up to six months. This is an incredible energy saving - it translates to 4,000 kilowatts of energy for every ton of paper that is produced from recycled materials. Less energy being expelled also means that there is less pressure on non-renewable resources like coal and gas. This is even more important when you take into account the harmful carbon dioxide that is produced every time more non-renewable energy is consumed.

Using fewer trees

When it comes to paper, trees are the source for the raw material. However, trees also have many other important functions for humans, including when it comes to absorbing pollutant gasses, such as nitrogen oxides and ammonia. Trees also produce oxygen, which is obviously vital for human survival. In one year, an acre of mature trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people. So, the fewer trees we cut down, the more the human race benefits in the long run. And this is made possible by using recycled materials for paper, rather than trees. Creating a ton of paper from recycled materials will save 17 trees.

If you’re keen to support sustainability principles then one simple shift you can make is to opt for regular paper shredding with Shred-on-Site.

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