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Why using a secure shredding partner to outsource your shredding and destruction is a good idea

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of effective shredding and destruction when it comes to business documents and data. Many organisations still manage this in-house, leaving significant room for error and potentially creating unnecessary vulnerabilities for the business in the process. Working with a shredding partner to outsource your secure shredding and destruction has a lot of advantages. Not only are you sharing some of the risks this way but you will also have the peace of mind of knowing that certain standards have been met. These are just some of the reasons why using a shredding partner makes a lot of sense.

Remove the responsibility from your employees

Shredding can be a time-consuming process, especially using office equipment. When you work with a shredding partner, employees are freed up to focus on profit-creating activities elsewhere in the business meaning that you get more from your workforce investment. Shredding is a much faster process when outsourced and the responsibility for buying and maintaining all the required equipment falls to your shredding partner and not you.

A range of shredding options

When you’re reliant on in-house shredding you can really only use this to shred paper documents. That means finding another - often less secure - way to dispose of items such as ID cards, hard drives or uniforms. The industrial shredders that your shredding partner will use can handle a much broader range of items, from marketing materials to backup medial and IT equipment. A provider like Shred-on-Site will offer various options for confidential shredding to suit your needs from one-off or regular services.

Ensuring privacy and increasing security

Business documents contain a wide range of sensitive and personal data, from employee records through to client information that could be useful to competitors. If this process is being handled in-house it can be time-consuming and inefficient, leaving valued clients and all your employees open to issues such as identity theft if corners are being cut. There are many points in the process where data could be vulnerable, from pre-shredding through to post-shredding if the equipment being used is not destroying the documents properly. The only way to ensure privacy and optimum security for all the data you handle is to work with a professional shredding partner - you’ll receive lockable consoles in which to store documents before shredding and professional equipment ensures the process of destruction is complete.

For compliance purposes

The GDPR brought in new, stringent standards for the destruction of documents containing data - as well as penalties for the failure to do so that are considerably higher than anything that has been implemented before. Today, it’s crucial for a business to be able to show the chain of custody where data is concerned, as well as the steps that have been taken to secure it and ensure that it has been properly and efficiently disposed of. Working with a professional shredding partner means that you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction that shows not just that documents have been destroyed but also the time and date on which this took place.

It makes a lot of sense of any business today to outsource shredding and destruction to a professional partner

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