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Secure Document Shredding – Don’t break the law, stay compliant

The Data Protection Act was set up to do exactly as it says on the tin - protect consumers’ data. This means that there are some things that your business must do to ensure you’re compliant with the recommendations. The Act says that your company must create and store its data in a secure environment and that all data must be disposed of in a secure manner. In the case of paper, shredding is the best method to dispose of your paper waste. For branded documentation and IT equipment, a more permanent destruction method is required to shred the hard disk or branded item to avoid fraud.

Document destruction becomes a large task when you’re going through an entire office. Using a small paper shredder purchased from your local stationers can be a costly, noisy and slow approach to achieve your goal. Paper shredding machines are not designed for intense office use and can’t handle that amount of document shredding.  
In an effort to make our businesses more sustainable we need to recycle all of our paper. After all, corporate social responsibility is extremely important when showing you’re an organisation that cares about your carbon footprint. Document shredding has never been so important but yet so difficult until now.
Shred-on-Site will give you peace of mind with a simple, efficient and confidential mobile shredding solution that takes the hassle out of document destruction. There’s no point in worrying about your security and potentially breaking the law, nor would you want to spend hours sat in front of a tiny office shredder when we could shred it for you quickly and efficiently.  
All of our staff are vetted and trained and are trusted to perform a high quality shredding service, we’ll even provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to guarantee your documents have been securely shredded. You can even watch us shred it at your premises in one of our mobile shredding vehicles. After the confidential shredding is complete we take the shredded pulp to our recycling centre to process. 
We live in a very pressured and stressful world, fighting through recession and gradually making ourselves far busier than we have ever been before. Shred-on-Site is offering the most efficient, valuable and secure way to dispose of your documents. We’re not a luxury but a necessity in these challenging times, so get in touch today and take the hassle out of your document management.

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