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Small Businesses Need to Change their Attitude - Paper Shredding

The relaxed attitude towards security held by many small business owners is creating a boom period for fraud and theft. This isn’t great news for any of us, particularly when such simple issues can be prevented. Document shredding specialists like Shred-On-Site are determined to resource and educate business owners about managing their paper shredding policy more effectively. This helps reduce the on-going external and internal security threats we are all facing.

It’s surprising to learn that organisations with 1-100 employees faced more than six times the security breaches than organisations of 100-1000 employees last year. Why is this? The intentional attitude to prevent security breaches is missing from smaller businesses. This distinct lack of security has painted them as easy targets to fraudsters.  The attitude of invulnerability needs to change.
All it takes is an immoral employee or a passing opportunist to take advantage of your exposed office documents. Protecting your documents from internal and external threats is therefore key to your businesses survival. Such fraudulent activities result in loss of money, identity theft and a damaged brand image for the business concerned. Further down the line, deeper issues will arise: Trust will be broken among the working team and motivation will plummet as people fear for their jobs. It will ultimately create an unpleasant working environment following a myriad of management concerns. 
Clearly actions need to be taken to prevent these events emerging. But how can you do this? How do we get staff to embrace your attitude? Training and equipping is the answer. Creating new security policies necessitates extra training for staff. Resourcing staff with the understanding, skills and motivation to be secure is one thing; making it efficient, practical and sustainable is something totally different. 
Often change to a business environment can appear intimidating. Some employees struggle with the prospect of learning something new for fear of change or loss of comfort in their job. Handling all paper shredding in-house on a daily basis would be a time consuming task for the smallest of firms. However, you can save time and money by outsourcing to an on-site paper shredding service. Shred-on-Site is the UKs largest independent document shredding specialist with a bespoke service designed to adapt around our customers’ needs. Our methods minimise the need for training and optimise productivity in the workplace. 
We fit secure document containers in your office to hold your confidential documents until collection and destruction on-site. We will not only bring an excellent service, but will also help you to formulate your own shredding policy. Staff requirements are minimal and our process is designed to be user friendly whilst maintaining security. Shred-on-Site is the UK’s leading independent paper shredding service with years of invaluable experience. So, if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Author: Mark Coombes - Follow me on Google+

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