A Glimpse into Tomorrows trends in Secure Document Destruction Technology

With secure shredding increasingly becoming a priority for institutions and organisations globally, the technology and processes that support this essential service are evolving. We are already seeing the application of cutting-edge innovation to help make secure document destruction more effective - and in the coming years, these trends are going to advance the industry even further.

  • Shredding technologies are evolving. This is a constant process to find the most effective way to destroy documents and protect their data. The most current example is cross-cut shredding, which reduces paper to tiny, unreadable pieces that make a document much harder to reconstruct than traditional strip-cut shredding.
  • Specialised shredders for all media. As the need for shredding increases, so too does the type of shredding we need to do. We are now moving into the area of shredding, not just paper, but also CDs, USBs and a range of other media formats.
  • Automated shredding. Automation is a trend that is touching every sector, including document destruction. Automation allows programming to be used to ensure that specific documents are being shredded at predetermined intervals, leaving no room for human error.
  • Mobile shredding. This is a service that most businesses can already access, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Where a mobile shredding service is being used, the shredding equipment comes to the documents that need to be shredded and everything is done on site. This increases security and reduces the potential for loss or human error.
  • Merging IoT and shredding. The Internet of Things is becoming all-encompassing and there is plenty of scope for it to make a difference where it is integrated with shredding. It will allow businesses to manage and monitor shredding remotely and to ensure increased security and compliance, as well as access to real-time data.
  • Supporting more sustainable practices. Shredding is already a process that supports more environmental practices by providing a way to turn paper waste into new products. Once the shredding process has been completed, paper can be recycled to create new paper products. It offers a great opportunity for businesses to have more complete green initiatives and also to contribute to a circular economy.
  • Integrating blockchain. Security is increasingly going to be at the heart of the document destruction process in the coming years, and blockchain is vital to this. Blockchain allows for the creation of a decentralised, tamper-proof ledger that enhances security at every level. It will also be responsible for more reliable certificates of destruction.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of AI and machine learning will mean patterns and anomalies in the shredding process can be spotted, and more effective ways of moving forward established.
  • Customised shredding solutions. Every business has unique requirements when it comes to document shredding, which is why we are going to increasingly see customised, tailored shredding become the norm.
  • Secure document destruction technology is evolving fast. From AI to blockchain, many of the most exciting developments are going to have a big impact here.

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