Difference between a one-off and a regular shredding service

Access to shredding is vital for businesses today. It not only helps to ensure that your organisation is not vulnerable to data theft, fraud and penalties for a failure to meet compliance standards but can also be a key part of creating an organised, professional environment. But when you’re looking at a shredding service for your business, what are the differences between a one-off and a regular shredding service?

A regular shredding service

This is the ideal option for enterprises where confidential waste is being generated on a daily basis. Unless there is a regular schedule for shredding in place this can become problematic with piles of confidential waste building up around the office and risk management plummeting. A regular shredding service supports better management of data and documents and will provide a vital structure for compliance. Some of the benefits include:

  • A secure and convenient way to dispose of confidential waste that doesn’t leave any loopholes for breaches or problems to arise.
  • The right equipment - waste can be stored in lockable consoles in between scheduled shredding so that it is secure and protected 24/7.
  • Total security at all times. When the moment comes for the scheduled shredding to happen, the lockable consoles are picked up and transported to the shredding point, leaving zero window of opportunity for the documents and data to be intercepted, stolen or interfered with. A clear and transparent chain of custody is available from start to finish.
  • Every time shredding takes place, a certificate of destruction is received to show exactly when and how documents have been disposed of. This may be essential when it comes to compliance purposes and can provide a business with a lot of vital protection.

A one-off shredding service

When it comes to the end of a project or dealing with files that are no longer required but have built up in storage, a one-off shredding service is the ideal choice. This is a periodic - but not regular - arrangement where you can book a shredding service ad hoc to deal with a buildup of documents. Some of the benefits include:

  • A fast and convenient solution. If you need to take action quickly then a one-off shredding service can instantly help you to reduce a vulnerability, such as archive boxes or loose material.
  • Shredding sacks or lockable wheelie bins are provided. As for the regular shredding service, security is paramount with a one-off shredding service. That means ensuring that manual handling is reduced, as is the distance from your premises to the shredding point.
  • A simple and transparent process. One the agreed day, the shredding sacks or wheelie bins will be collected from your business by screened and vetted personnel and taken to mobile shredding vans where they will be instantly disposed of. Security risks are minimised and efficiency is maximised.

Whether you’re looking for a regular shredding service or a one-off shredding solution, there are clear benefits to your business in professional shredding support.

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