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Preparing your business for one time shredding

One time shredding - also known as bulk shredding or purge shredding - offers an opportunity for any business to have a spring clean. This document shredding service is ideal where a lot of paper has been accumulated and this needs to be safely disposed of with minimum security risk to the business or the data in the documents. One time shredding isn’t always the best option - a regular need for document disposal may mean that ongoing, scheduled shredding is the preferable choice - but it can be incredibly useful for efficiently and swiftly dealing with a backlog of paper that needs to be destroyed.

Why opt for one time shredding?

Many organisations schedule this as an annual event so that there is an opportunity each year to have a clear out. One time shredding can be useful when a business is moving premises and documents that are not required in the new home need to be disposed of. Year-end can also trigger the need for bulk document disposal in this way, as could a business merger or the process of digital transformation and a shift to a more digital environment. One time shredding has a number of advantages, including:

  • Optimum cost efficiency. The more documents there are to shred, the lower the cost per document is going to be. It’s also far more cost-efficient to opt for outsourced bulk shredding than to commit time and resources to do this in-house with a slow office shredder.
  • Convenience. One time shredding with an on-site shredding partner offers ultimate convenience as the service comes to you and minimal involvement is required from your team.
  • Increased security. The need to protect data is paramount today and this is simple to do with one-time shredding. You'll get lockable consoles to keep material secure before shredding and a certificate of destruction as proof that the process has taken place.

How to prepare your business for one time shredding

This is the process for preparing for one-time shredding, as well as what happens after the shredding has taken place.

  • Gather everything that will need to be shredded so that you have a good idea of the volume involved. Most shredding partners will provide you with lockable consoles to collate documents in.
  • Schedule the shredding. Pick a date that works for your business and minimises the time that the documents remain on-site.
  • The shredding process takes place. This could be on-site at your premises if that’s what you’ve chosen or off-site at a shredding facility. There are advantages to both, including greater security on-site and potentially lower costs off-site.
  • Receive a certificate of destruction. This will show you when and where the shredding happened, who witnessed it and what the chain of custody was. The certificate will also have a unique transaction number.

One time shredding provides a simple way to dispose of a large number of documents. If security, cost-effectiveness, compliance and a transparent process are key to your business then this is the obvious choice.

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