The Importance of Regular Shredding in Protecting Your Business Confidentiality

No matter what your industry is, regular document shredding has become standard practice. There are many benefits to committing to regular shredding, whether you’re looking to improve operational efficiency or compliance and security. In fact, regular shredding is the only way to ensure that your business is truly taking all steps possible to protect confidentiality in a very real and tangible way.

Why is regular shredding so necessary for business confidentiality?

  • It will help to keep your business organised. No more random piles of paper or abandoned boxes of files cluttering up the office. When you have regular shredding, unwanted documents are easily disposed of as soon as they have served their purpose. You may be in the middle of a digital transition and looking for ways to make this smoother. Or you may be very aware of the risks inherent in abandoned piles of paper filled with information and data and looking to mitigate this. Regular shredding will help to ensure confidentiality for your entire business by preventing possible loss or theft of documents that are no longer being used.
  • Avoiding a data breach. We often think of a security breach as being limited to the digital realm. However, unfortunately, this is just as possible with physical documents - and this could actually be the starting point for a digital data breach too. Almost every document that gets printed today will contain some kind of sensitive or confidential data, whether that relates to employee wage information, private information about customers and clients, login information or details of innovation in the company and operational documents. There are very few documents that don’t pose a risk and all must be sensibly disposed of in order to meet compliance standards and protect the business as a whole. The right way to dispose of these documents is via regular shredding. This not only helps to ensure that your unwanted documents are being disposed of in a timely way but also that you’re not leaving your business open to a data breach.
  • Improving cost effectiveness. Regular shredding services are also a great way to have a positive impact on business costs at a time when this can feel tricky to do. If you’re handling all your shredding needs on-site, for example, then you’ll have to cover the upfront and ongoing costs of equipment, as well as the time that employees spend on the equipment. If you’re leaving your shredding until the very last minute and doing it in big batches, then this could be very costly. The alternative - regular shredding - generates manageable, predictable costs that you can factor into your budget and ensure are cost effective for you. It’s a simple way to get more clarity on costs and also to help create opportunities to save by outsourcing this task.

Regular shredding is part of the operational process for any compliant and efficiency-driven business today looking to ensure that the highest standards of security are being met.

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