Why Regular Shredding is Essential for Every UK Business?

We talk a lot about going digital today but the reality is that most offices are still reliant on paper in some way. That’s why it’s so vital to have a robust process in place for disposing of documents when they are no longer required. Otherwise this could land your business in hot water legally, with clients and customers and also when it comes to costs and efficiency.

Why is regular secure shredding so essential?

  • Remaining legally compliant. The GDPR requires every UK business to take responsibility for personal data and that includes when it is in paper form. Part of the lifecycle of this data is disposal and the responsibility that businesses have under the GDPR only ends when data has been completely destroyed. So, UK businesses that are looking to avoid the fines and penalties that have been handed out under the GDPR need to have secure, regular document shredding in place.
  • Being able to show a chain of custody - and best intent. If you’re using a shredding service regularly then your business will get a certificate of destruction for the documents that have been shredded and be able to prove that the right steps have been taken to protect key data. Working with a shredding provider also means that you’ll always be up to date with the latest requirements for document disposal.
  • Evidence of data security. One of the fastest ways to lose clients and customers is to mishandle their data or put it at risk. Regular shredding provides evidence to customers that you care about their personal information and that you’re taking all the right steps to ensure that it’s protected when it’s in your hands. Most people today want reassurance about how their information will be handled and using a regular shredding service is a simple way to provide it.
  • Streamlining costs. You can handle shredding in-house but this can generate significant costs for any business. Those costs start with the up front investment in shredding equipment, as well as the energy required to power it, the parts necessary to maintain it and the members of your team who will be required to do the shredding. Using a shredding service instead can save you time and money.
  • Great motivation for going digital. If you have a regular schedule of shredding in place then this can be very motivating in terms of ensuring that documents get digitised quickly. It will also ensure that you don’t end up with boxes of documents getting dusty in your office, taking up space and causing a fire hazard.
  • Committing to recycling. If you want to put green principles at the heart of what your business does then shredding is essential. When you use a shredding service, all your old documents are sent for recycling when they have been fully destroyed.

Whether it’s due to compliance or a commitment to the environment, every UK business needs to have regular shredding in place.

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