Why use a Professional Shredding Service?

Despite best intentions to be more eco friendly, many offices are still processing large volumes of paper. Disposing efficiently of that paper in a way that meets compliance and confidentiality requirements can be a challenge. Valuable employee time is often wasted handling the process, which may be further hampered by the use of small, inefficient shredders. For any business of any size there are some very good reasons to use a professional shredding service.

Compliance and confidentiality

Today, more stringent rules apply to data protection than ever before. It’s essential that businesses have measures in place to secure data, whether that is business, customer or employee data. Approximately 58 data records are stolen every second and unlocked recycling bins or company rubbish disposal sites have become a prime hunting ground for thieves looking for data they can potentially use to compromise an individual or business. With a professional shredding service security is optimised with the use of lockable bins and on site shredding, minimising the opportunity for any security breach to occur.

Improving efficiency

Handling shredding in house can be incredibly time consuming. Equipment may not be suitable for shredding on an industrial scale and the individuals tasked with the job not suitably trained. Working with a professional shredding service enables any business to increase the efficiency of the disposal process, freeing up employees to add value elsewhere.

Meeting green targets

If your business is looking to take steps towards being more environmentally friendly it’s essential to ensure that paper is disposed of in a way that is as eco focused as possible. The waste paper produced by a professional shredding service is recycled, pulped at a paper mill and can then go on to be reused in many different ways, from creating toilet paper to writing paper. You can ensure you’re disposing of paper waste responsibly by working with a professional shredding service and minimising what your business is sending to landfill.

Streamlining costs

It takes resources to ensure that your paper waste is properly disposed of. That includes the cost of equipment required to do the shredding, as well as the employee time necessary to complete the process. When you also take into account the energy required to run shredding equipment and the materials you’ll need for disposal the costs can soon mount up. The alternative is to outsource all of this to a professional shredding service that is well equipped to get the job done more quickly and at a much lower cost.

Reducing wasted time

It’s rarely a good use of employee time to work on the task of shredding internal documents. This is especially so as most office shredders can only handle a low volume of documents and frequently break down or stop working. Outsourcing this to a professional shredding service enables this time to be regained and put to use more constructively within the business.

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to use a professional shredding service. Get in touch with Shred-on-Site today to find out more.

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