Methods for destroying old documents

Data protection has been a hot topic for decades - and especially since the GDPR increased the pressure on businesses to ensure this is happening in 2018. However, data protection isn’t just about the way that documents and files are handled but also the way that they are destroyed. Data protection laws in the UK require that data is destroyed safely and securely when it’s no longer required. For many organisations that is going to require a commitment to secure shredding.

Top 5 Reasons why document shredding is so important for your business

Top 5 reasons why document shredding is so important for your business

The process of shredding documents is vital for any organisation today. It’s not just about ensuring that your premises aren’t drowning in paper but also that you’re taking steps to help ensure that any data you’re handling is protected. From reputational damage to fines for a lack of compliance, there are many reasons why failing to do this could damage your business. If you don't have regular document shredding already in place, these are the five reasons why secure shredding is important for your business

What should you be shredding if you are at school, university or college?

Although paperwork is inevitable if you are a school, university, or college, the risk that can arise from not carefully disposing of it isn’t something that you need to expose your institution to. Working with a reliable confidential shredding partner will ensure that you’re not left vulnerable when it comes to sensitive data and confidential information - and that your internal admin is organised and compliant.

Some thoughts on how much paper gets wasted each year in the UK?

Paper currently makes up around 20% of all the waste that we throw away in the UK each year. It’s a resource that we use widely, from offices to hospitals and schools and - despite the fact that there are lots of alternative options available for disposal - much of the paper waste we generate still ends up in landfill. Given the urgency that exists to switch to a more sustainable way of living and working, what can be done about it?

How to choose a secure shredding partner

The right shredding partner can make life so much easier for your business. Regular, reliable shredding can help your organisation to meet compliance standards and improve internal efficiency and organisation. It’s also an essential part of the security that is necessary today to protect your business, data, clients, customers and employees from being targeted by fraudsters. So, what do you need to think about when it comes to choosing the right shredding partner for you?

How using a secure shredding service improves the Office

As employees return to premises and the office environment becomes crucial once again, for any employer now is the time to look for ways to improve day-to-day experiences. A secure shredding service can help to simplify the way that your business operates when it comes to one of its most basic needs - handling, and disposing of, paper and obsolete documents.

How the Shredding process works from desk to destruction

Shredding is an essential part of operations for any organisation today. Ensuring that data that has been printed out onto paper documents are being properly disposed of is vital to avoid issues with a security breach or a lack of compliance. Secure shredding helps to protect your business’ data - and that of your customers and employees - and provides peace of mind in terms of security. But how does the shredding process actually work from desk to destruction?

Why you should be considering using a shredding partner for obsolete records

Shredding has become an essential part of business operations today. Whether you’re keen to improve the efficiency of your business - or to ensure that it is compliant with regulation such as the GDPR - integrating shredding is going to be essential. This is especially important when it comes to obsolete records that could be a goldmine of personal and sensitive data if they are not properly disposed of. But why would you use a shredding partner for the process?

Why use a Professional Shredding Service?

Despite best intentions to be more eco friendly, many offices are still processing large volumes of paper. Disposing efficiently of that paper in a way that meets compliance and confidentiality requirements can be a challenge. Valuable employee time is often wasted handling the process, which may be further hampered by the use of small, inefficient shredders. For any business of any size there are some very good reasons to use a professional shredding service.

Could Outsourcing Your Shredding Actually Decrease Your Security Risks?

Shredding confidential business documents is important for the security and protection of your company, and of your customers’ information. Organisations are under a constant threat of data breaches, identity theft and forgery risks if they don’t have the right measures in place to dispose of confidential information that is no longer needed. However, these threats and risk can be mitigated significantly by shredding confidential documents. So how can outsourcing the task of shredding decrease the security risks of your organisation?