Protect your sensitive data by decluttering your office

A cluttered working environment isn’t just a bad idea when it comes to aesthetics and efficiency. It can also put your sensitive data at risk. Today, if you’re not properly safeguarding data in files and documents it can be accessed by those seeking to perpetrate identity theft, financial fraud and a range of other threats. Regular confidential shredding ensures that any documents and data that could expose your business in this way are being regularly destroyed - before they can fall into the wrong hands.

Fraud and theft are big business

What should you be shredding if you are at school, university or college?

Although paperwork is inevitable if you are a school, university, or college, the risk that can arise from not carefully disposing of it isn’t something that you need to expose your institution to. Working with a reliable confidential shredding partner will ensure that you’re not left vulnerable when it comes to sensitive data and confidential information - and that your internal admin is organised and compliant.

Shred on Site is BS EN 15713 certified but what does that mean for you?

Working with an on-site shredding provider that is BS EN 15713 certified is an essential part of ensuring that you are getting a reliable service that will keep your business compliant. This is a standard that relates to both service delivery and customer satisfaction and provides reassurance that you’re getting the right level of support where the destruction of confidential information is concerned.

The importance of Shredding Obsolete documents

Today, one in five data breaches involves paper. This is a statistic that often shocks, as we tend to assume that data breaches are only happening on a digital level. However, the range of documents that can contain sensitive and confidential data is broad and this creates the kind of vulnerability that requires a positive action plan in order to avoid a range of consequences, from a legal breach to reputational damage. If you want to ensure that your business is completely covered then shredding obsolete documents is going to be key.