Methods for destroying old documents

Data protection has been a hot topic for decades - and especially since the GDPR increased the pressure on businesses to ensure this is happening in 2018. However, data protection isn’t just about the way that documents and files are handled but also the way that they are destroyed. Data protection laws in the UK require that data is destroyed safely and securely when it’s no longer required. For many organisations that is going to require a commitment to secure shredding.

Who has to comply with GDPR?

Since the GDPR was implemented the standards have been raised for everyone and there are no organisations likely to escape the scrutiny of the ICO when it comes to poor data security. Most offices generate vast volumes of paper today and all of these files and documents are potentially filled with sensitive data that could compromise a person or business - and put an enterprise at risk of being non-compliant with the GDPR. The penalties for this can be significant and there has been no shortage of high-profile cases where millions in fines have been handed out. Every organisation is expected to have robust processes in place for document destruction today - secure shredding is the very best way to achieve this.

Secure shredding is quick, easy and effective

The ICO has drawn attention to the fact that the requirements for destroying old documents apply to every business, no matter how small. It uses the example of a small high street shop keeping paper records of customer details. Even an enterprise this modest needs to be on top of document retention, security and destruction in a way that complies with the GDPR. The best option for any business of any size looking to destroy old documents will be secure shredding. It’s not only an effective way to ensure compliance but it’s convenient, simple, and cost effective too. 

Shredding protects in many ways

Secure shredding helps to protect a business from falling foul of the GDPR but it also has a range of other benefits. It can help to ensure a clear and clutter-free office space, build trust with customers and clients (through avoiding data breaches), and even has benefits when it comes to the environment too. If your business chooses a shredding service that is focused on sustainability then all the paper waste that has been shredded can then be recycled. This helps to ensure that less waste ends up in landfill - and also provides material for new products, rather than using resources such as virgin trees. Shredding services protect your business by ensuring that old documents are completely destroyed and that best efforts are being taken when it comes to the way that compliance is handled within your organisation.

When it comes to destroying old documents to ensure legal compliance, secure shredding is a vital resource. Working with a shredding partner ensures that documents and files are never vulnerable to theft - and an on-site shredding service minimises the potential for a security breach by carrying out shredding on the premises.

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