Top 5 Reasons why document shredding is so important for your business

Top 5 reasons why document shredding is so important for your business

The process of shredding documents is vital for any organisation today. It’s not just about ensuring that your premises aren’t drowning in paper but also that you’re taking steps to help ensure that any data you’re handling is protected. From reputational damage to fines for a lack of compliance, there are many reasons why failing to do this could damage your business. If you don't have regular document shredding already in place, these are the five reasons why secure shredding is important for your business

1. Protecting your customers.

A data breach can do untold damage to any business and not all of them happen digitally. If you’re not regularly shredding your documents then any data relating to customers is simply laying around and could easily be accessed. Once consumers’ data has been compromised by a business, trust is broken forever and this can do the kind of reputational damage that many organisations simply never recover from. Basic protection, like document shredding, can keep your important relationships safe.

2. Ensuring employee data is safe.

Your staff place a lot of trust in you when it comes to their personal data. Businesses hold a huge volume of sensitive information about the people who work within them. That could be financial or personal data or information that relates to health conditions and family. Your workforce trusts you to ensure that all possible steps are being taken to make sure that their data cannot be accessed by anyone who might be able to use it against them. Document shredding provides peace of mind that your staff data is being properly disposed of and can’t be compromised.

3. Removing opportunities from identity thieves.

Over the past decade, identity theft has hit a record high and grown by 125%. One of the main opportunities that potential identity thieves have for finding the data they need to commit this crime is looking through what businesses throw out. Documents, IDs, bank statements, voided cheques and employment records, for example, all provide a goldmine of data that can be stolen by those with bad intent if they haven’t been shredded before being thrown out.

4. Compliance is key.

The law places certain obligations on businesses when it comes to data protection and that includes the processes of disposal of anything that might contain confidential, sensitive or personal data. Shredding is a simple way to prove compliance, providing a clear chain of custody when it comes to the documents in question and ensuring that documents etc are being completely disposed of. A breach of compliance today can lead to some very costly sanctions, including sizable fines, so it’s just not worth the risk of not having secure document disposal in place.

5. Internal organisation.

Documents and files take up a lot of space internally - if you want to optimise the space available on your premises then regularly disposing of what you don’t need any longer is essential. The simplest, and safest, way to do this is with scheduled document shredding.

On-site shredding gives your business peace of mind and helps to protect its interests, as well as those of staff and customers.

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