Keeping information safe when using a hybrid work model

Ever since the start of the pandemic, remote working has become the norm for many businesses. Today, while there has been a return to the workplace at least part-time for many organisations, the hybrid working model is becoming much more widespread. This presents plenty of different challenges, not least when it comes to ensuring that information is kept safe in the course of day-to-day operations.

How can shredding help the environment?

Shredding has become an operational essential for any business focused on compliance and data protection. It not only ensures against data theft but also provides proof of procedures that have been implemented to demonstrate compliance with the law. However, that’s not where the benefits of secure shredding end, as this vital process also has a lot to contribute to environmental protection too.

What should you be shredding if you are at school, university or college?

Although paperwork is inevitable if you are a school, university, or college, the risk that can arise from not carefully disposing of it isn’t something that you need to expose your institution to. Working with a reliable confidential shredding partner will ensure that you’re not left vulnerable when it comes to sensitive data and confidential information - and that your internal admin is organised and compliant.


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